Local information

Important phone numbers

Emergency numbers:  Police  112
   Fire  110
   Ambulance 113

Other important phone numbers
Switchboard  55 54 50 00
Housing department 55 27 60 04 / 05
Cleaning department 55 27 60 43

Locked out of your room, water leaks etc.?
Contact the Reception in the working hours.
All emergencies outside SiB´s working hours where assistance can not wait for the next working day, call the emergency telephone (Securitas):  22 88 14 79


Public medical treatment
Legevakten i Bergen
Venstre Strømkaien 19
Phone number: 55 32 11 20

Fastlegekontor: 810 59 500


The Reception
The reception is located at the Student Centre, Parkveien 1.
Opening hours: 
Monday – Friday 08.00 – 15.00
Switchboard 55 54 50 00


Mailing address:  Your name
       Fantoft Studentboliger
      Postboks <<mail box number>>
  5075 BERGEN

Bicycles must be registered! You will get a sticker in the Reception. Bikes without the sticker can be removed without warning. There is a separate storage room for bicycles. Key card can be bought at the Reception.

Garbage and recycling     
For the best of everybody please remember to dispose of all your garbage in the dumpster in the garbage room in the combined mail/garbage house that you find on the on the right hand side when you arrive at Fantoft.
Next to the garbage/mail building you will find containers for recycling paper, metal and glass.

All residents at Fantoft have free access to internet, provided you are a student at one of the places of study connected to SiB. Contact the network group for help and information.
You will find them in room D-124, Monday - Friday 19-21. The Housing department also offers a support phone on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 19.00 – 21.00. Phone number to the support phone 416 20 488.

There are 2 laundries at Fantoft. They are located in the 1st floor of the C-block and in the basement of the G-block.
The laundries are open from 06:00 to 23:00.
The laundry card works as a key to the laundry-room and it also activates the washing machines and tumble dryers.

You will find your mailbox in the top floor of the combined garbage and mail building next to the parking lot. The Reception will give you the key when you arrive.

Peace and quiet
The walls between the rooms are not soundproof and we live close to each other so we must show reasonable consideration towards our neighbors.  
Please respect the need for peace and quiet after 11pm in weekdays and after 12pm on weekends.

Note! We also ask everybody to respect the restriction on the use of motor vehicles between the blocks at night between 11pm and 6am.

Reading rooms
The reading rooms are situated on the ground floor of the A/ B block. All residents can buy a key-card giving access to the reading room. The key-card can be bought at the Reception.

From 1st of August 2007, it is not allowed to smoke in any of SiB`s student hostels. We refer our smoking tenants to smoking facilities outside the student hostel.

Storage room
Each room has a little storage room in the cellar; some have their own room, others share. You must buy a padlock for the room and borrow the key for the cellar from the Reception or the TU-office. We ask you to remember that all storage is at our own risk.

Note! Remember to keep the storage room locked at all times and keep in mind that valuables should not be kept in your storage room
Storage room for baby carriage
There is a special room to store baby carriages and strollers in G-block. Key card can be bought at the Reception. 

TV / Cable-TV
All room has an outlet for your TV. You will then have access to free cable-TV With a selection of channels.

NOTE! If you own a television you are supposed to pay a tax to the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK-lisens) Door to door controls may occur.

Meny supermarket is located close to the hostel.

Post office
You will find the post office at Meny.

Activities at Fantoft

Fantoft is the largest student hostel in Bergen, and also offers its residents the largest number of activities. We hope you will find something here that suits you. There is more to student life than lectures and reading rooms, so when you feel like relaxing hopefully you will find some of the opportunities presented here, of interest.

On the lawn in front of G / H-block you will find a volleyball court.
In addition there are a sandbox and a swing set for children.
Barbeques for common use are located on the lawn in front of A/B-block and H-block.

Fantoft Gym (sports centre)
Fantofthallen is located on the left hand side when entering the parking lot.

They offer:
 - Possibilities for different ballgames on a court with international   
 - Facilities for tennis, badminton and table tennis.
 - Body-building machines (Techno gym, Hammer and free weights)
 - Fitness equipment (Techno gym and Life Fitness)
 - Treadmill with integrated TV-screen.
 - Group training
  - Spinning (Schwinn bikes).
 - Self-defense courses.
 - Training with stability ball.
 - Squash court.
 - Two climbing walls
 - ”Buldrerom” (romping room)
 - Shower / sauna.
 - Solarium.

Organizations at Fantoft    

The Resident Assistants
The Resident Assistants main goal is to inform new tenants about the Student hostel. They will host information meetings beginning of each semester.
We work from  August until the end of May.


Klubb Fantoft
Klubb Fantoft is owned by SiB.  This is an offer for those who like to relax with inexpensive beverages, meeting friends and listening to good music. Fridays are disco-nights with prices suitable for students. Special arrangements and live music are presented throughout the year. Check the bulletin boards for further information.

Filmklubben at Fantoft is a place you can go and enjoy a genuine movie-theatre experience. Our facilities permit performances with top picture and sound quality. Special TV-transmissions are also shown on our windscreen. Check the bulletin boards for further information.


The Representative Students Committee (Tillitsutvalget)
Tillitsutvalget (TU) is the highest organ in the student parliament at Fantoft student hostel. TU by mandate is the welfare organization run professionally by volunteers in order to make living conditions as good as possible through an agreement with the Housing Division. TU’s main objective is to work for the needs of students as well as cooperate with the Housing Division in order to improve the standard of living in the Fantoft hostel.
Thereby TU’s main task is to act as a link between the residents and the hostel administration, to ensure the best possible conditions for a pleasant stay in Studentbolig.

Our main Functions:
• Lend out stuff / items 
• Arrange / organize parties and social events at Klubb Fantoft
• Cooperate with SiB and other student organizations
• Organization of TU
TU is well equipped with items of daily usage for any household and most importantly offers indoor and outdoor games in order to have livelier environment while being at Fantoft. Here you may borrow vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, drying stands, ironing boards, irons, DVD-player, DVDs, sleeping bags, tents, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, indoor sports game and books. Membership is must in order to borrow any items from TU.

As part of its mandate, TU also organizes and sponsors different social events for the residents of Fantoft, (sometimes) often in collaboration with other student organizations e.g. Resident Assistants, International Students Union and the Klubb Fantoft. In last semester it organized more than 10 such parties.
TU work closely with SIB, Resident Assistants, International Student Union, Fanoft Hallen, and Klubb Fantoft. Without collaboration of such partners an effective enabling living environment is impossible at Fantoft. TU is financially supported by SIB.
Potential TU members may join TU in a general meeting (Allmotet) and may also apply later on too; such meetings are arranged in the beginning of each semester, if required. In spring semester TU has been strengthen as a professional organization, managed by student’s volunteers in a more professional way. A path way for becoming a good leader / manager in practical life by utilizing expertise and skills while working with TU.

Do you have suggestions, ideas or complaints regarding the living conditions here in Fantoft? We, the Students Representatives (TU) want you to come to our office and share your views with us in order to improve living situation at Fantoft. If you want to grow up professionally, personally do join us, a rewarding experience is awaiting for you.
Further specific information about TU salient features, rules and regulations can be viewed in its brochure posted in all blocks and available at TU office.
Essential Information:
The TU office lies on the 1st floor of C – Block
(next to the resident assistants’ office and the laundry)
Opening hours are: Monday to Saturday: 20:00 to 21:00
Sunday: Closed


International Students' Union (ISU)
The International Students' Union of Norway is committed to the social, academic and political interests of all international students in studying in Norway. ISU is an independent, democratic, non-profit, non-partisan organization run for and by international students. It works closely with NSU (Norwegian Students' Union ) and StL (Norwegian Association of Students ).
The start of the International Students' Union of Norway has it's roots in the end of the 1970's when a small number of student activists were determined to protect the welfare and academic situation of international students studying in Norway.
For cultural exchange and integration, ISU organizes different social activities in Bergen, few in collaboration with NSU. In this spring semester ISU Bergen will be organizing such more social events for international students studying in different higher educational institutions in Bergen. Soon ISU will be having its election in which you are most welcome to engage formally. For more information you can contact us: E-mail:

Tourist attractions and hiking areas close to Fantoft
Newcomers to Bergen will find quite a few attractive areas and sights in the vicinity of Fantoft. In due time you will undoubtedly find your way around to whatever is of interest to you. In the following we would like to list some of the areas and attractions within easy walking or bicycling distance from Fantoft. Maybe this will tempt you to a little Sunday outing.

- Tveitevannet, this lake is located north of the student hostel. There are park-areas and a footpath around the lake.

- Storetveitmarkene, is located on the opposite side of the main road from Bergen to the north of Storetveit Skole. This common land gives you the possibility for an easy walk or other activities.

- Fantoft Stavkirke, was completely destroyed by a fire in June 1992 but has now been rebuilt. The church is located 5-10 minuets walk from the hostel beyond Chr. Michelsens Institute.

- Fjøsangersamlingene, The art gallery shows Norwegian and foreign portrait art in addition to an extensive collection of antique Persian carpets and various portrait exhibits. Address: Stamerbakken 7. From Fantoft hostel you may walk across Storetveitmarkene and follow the road toward Fjøsanger.

- Gamlehaugen, known as ”slottet” (the palace) by most people in Bergen this is the King´s residence in Bergen. This impressive mansion was built as the home of the Prime Minister of that time, Christian Michelsen in 1900. There is a nice park around the castle. The easiest way to get to Gamlehaugen is to walk across Storetveitmarkene follow the road toward Fjøsanger and cross the main road there.

Troldhaugen, (the hill of the trolls) built in 1885 was the home of Norway´s most famous composer Edvard Grieg. It is located in a forest area on the shores of a picturesque lake.