Other international students

International students without a housing guarantee.

International students who are not in any exchange programs can apply for accommodation any time of the year, but the deadline for applications for the autumn semester is the 31st of May.

SiB offers a variety of accommodations

We have single rooms with private or joint kitchen and bathroom facilities. We have flats and apartments in different sizes and at different prices. You can live alone, with friends, a partner or family. Many of the student housing complexes have common recreation and service areas, such as TV and meeting rooms, exercise rooms, laundry facilities etc. All accommodation units have Internet access. In several of the student houses there are apartments for students with physical handicap.

View the different student house.

Who can apply?

Those who, during the stated period, will be registered as an international student admitted to one of the academic institutions in Bergen.

You must be registered as a full time student during the period applied for. Only families with children or single parents having the daily care for children are eligible for family flats.

Special conditions

Applicants who claim priority because of due to special health conditions or similar for him- / herself or family members, must submit a medical certificate/documentation and explain the situation.

How to apply

In order to apply you will have to register as a user and create "My Page". After registering you can chose from the different housing offers and submit an application.

Your application will expire after three months. Additionally, all applications will be annulled on the 30th of September and the 31st of January every year. After these dates, or if you have not received an offer after three months, you have to re-activate your application by applying again.

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